CERA IT. tiles are produced individually. Each tile is handmade and can get
all kind of different designs.


This is the way to your tiles:

1. To produce the tiles we need to have a source from you. This will be
prepared on the computer and tiles will be produced afterwards.

You can send us the following via mail or e-mail:
photos, motifs from photo-libraries, art work, digital photos or design,
computer works, printed stuff and so on. Virtually anything goes!

  2. Your desired photo will be printed onto the requested tiles and will fit
your project. To start your project you have to pay half of the sum of your
quote first. Then we will start production. Delivery time is between 2 and
6 weeks. Please ask for overseas regulations!


3. When you receive the tiles, you pay the rest of the sum.

Please send us your ideas. We deal with anything concerning your perfect tiles. We are pleased to send you a sample tile with your picture on. Please contact us: Hissenkaemper@humancolours.com



Markus Hissenkämper
Petersberg 2
D 33803 Steinhagen
Tel: 49(0)5201- 65 69 855
Fax: 49(0)5201- 85 97 81
Email: info@cera-it.com

Vitamin X - Bamberg
Community -

energy art work from
Evelyn Seidel

  Flower shower
Photo - Brigitte Wegner