1. How do you produce the tiles?
The photos and other motifs are printed in a special
method onto tiles. We named it digital print.

  2. Can you print anything onto tiles?
Vivually anything, yes . These sources are perfect: photo,
motifs from photo-libraries, art work, digital photos or
design, computer works, printed stuff, posters, other print-
outs, texts, etc.
  3. Can you alter the motifs?
Yes. Any photo or other pictures can be altered in any way. That includes
colours, forms and the design itself.
  4. How large can the pictures be produced on tiles?
As big and large as you want to have it. Each picture can be produced as
big as you require it for your project.
  5. Can I also order one tile?
Yes. We are pleased to take any order. Also for a single tile. And also for
different motifs.
  6. How durable are the tiles?
The tiles are water-, heat- and scratchresistent. They are the same tiles like any other ceramics tiles. That is why they last as long as the others.
  7. How can I clean the tiles?
With clean water or normal tile cleaners and a normal non-scratchy cloth.
Polish it afterwards, that`s it.

  8. How long do you give guarantee on the tiles?
We give 2 years guarantee after putting them up in the wright manner
and following our cleaning instructions.
  9. Can I print my own picture onto tiles?
Yes. We simply need your photo or a better source, such as a negative or dia-positive as well as digital photos.
  10. Which quality is required as source for a picture?
The better the quality of the source, the better will be
result. For example: for digital photos we recommend
300 dpi minimum.
  11. Can I take my own tiles for printing?
Yes and no. We recommend to order the tiles we
already tested. Otherwise there would be to many
logistical problems.
  12. Can I have a proposal for my project from you?
Yes. you can let us produce a design for your project.
We are pleased to help you out with the picture and the
overall actions.
  13. Do you produce the tiles with a shiny surface?
No. We have chosen a matt surface with respect to the image.
That permits a clear view onto the image without any reflections.


  The rising-

energy art work from
Evelyn Seidel


energy art work from
Evelyn Seidel