CERA IT. tiles are normal tiles, which have been fired. They have a matt
surface to ensure perfect visibility. They are heat- and waterresistant and can
be used like a normal tile.



Quality and colour:

The quality of the motif on the tiles depends on the source. The better the source the
better the outcome. We can produce a 1:1 quality and will be prepared to do so.

To a certain extend there might be some colour disharmonies. We advise our costumers to ask
for a single sample tile to check it before. We can`t give full guaranty for exact colour match.


  Tile measurements:
The tiles can be ordered in: 10 x 10 cm, 15 x 15 cm, 20 x 20 cm und
20 x 25 cm. Different sizes can be produced at a special prize.
Please ask for it.
Visualize your project. As you want to make the wright decisions we
offer you to visualize your picture on tiles as print-out. So you can make yourself a realistic outlook on your project. Costs for the print-out will be paid back when the order gets started.



Kitchen with tulips
Photo - Brigitte Wegner

Photo - Brigitte Wegner